The national institute of Naturopathy, Pune has approved training on Naturopathy and Yoga for rural women in Coimbatore District and entrusted the task to COODU. For a period of 6 months, the organisation motivated and mobilised eligible women and organised the training in Palladam. The training on Naturopathy and Yoga was imparted by a medical practicener and paramedical personnel to 90 Women who now practice in rural areas.


To prevent trafficking of girls combined with prevention of HIV/AIDS in Coimbatore, the United Nations Development Programme has selected COODU. COODU has organised advocacy activities and undertaken preventive measures through SHG members – volunteers and in association with health Police and Judicial officers.


With the support and assistance of UNDP- TAHA project, COODU has undertaken Rehabilitation of women and children affected by trafficking, HIV/ AIDS by carrying out the following activities.

  1. Mapping of high risk areas
  2. Selection and orientation of Peer educators
  3. Community sensitization programmes through street theatre
  4. Women SHG sensitization activity
  5. School going girl’s sensitization
  6. Adolescent girl sensitization

HIV/ AIDS Prevention, Control, Care and Support

HIV Aids CareHIV/ AIDS activities form an important component of development within COODU’s development framework.  COODU has offered a wide range of services on the HIV/ AIDS continuum beginning with prevention efforts, moving over to referrals for treatment and diagnosis and has provided care and support services through the TANSACS-supported COODU Community Care Centre for You (C4U).

In Coimbatore district alone, COODU has undertaken a wide range of intervention efforts among different target groups that include students, teachers, government departments, and the general public. It has also conducted awareness campaigns and assisted in implementation of BSS among high risk behavior groups such as truckers, commercial sex workers, IDUs, MSM, male and female industrial workers, slum populations and others.

COODU had now embarked on providing Care and Support services through its 10-bedded facility for People Living with HIV/ AIDS (PLHAs) covering a wide spectrum of activities including basic services – food and nutrition, shelter; education services – treatment literacy and treatment adherence;  psycho-social services – counseling and referrals; medical services – diagnosis and treatment for Opportunistic Infections and drugs/ medicines and referrals for Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART); recreational services – resource-cum-documentation centre for PLHA with facilities such as television, DVD, audio players and indoor games; bereavement services – assisting in funeral of PLHA; psychological support to PLHA and their families.  The project focuses on reducing stigma and discrimination and enabling PLHA lead better quality lives through proper care and support.  Focus is on Yoga. Medication and Psychological counseling for improving life span and reducing mental agony faced by PLHA.

Among the project personnel appointed in COODU Community Care Centre, most of the staff are People Living with HIV/ AIDS (PLHA) thus adhering to the principles of Greater Involvement of People with AIDS (GIPA).  This indicates that PLHA are being empowered by COODU and integrated into planning and making decisions that have a direct influence on PLHA.

World AIDS Day Programme

World AIDS Day Programme was conducted in Coimbatore city by COODU involving youth and students.  Mobile rally was conducted in the city with youth on motorcycles and bicycles distributing leaflets,