In the background of the Tsunami and other calamities, the Government has directed the urban and rural local bodies to prepare Disaster Management Plans to cope with natural and other disaster/calamities such as Tsunami, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, etc.  The Municipal Corporation of Coimbatore, as directed, entrusted formulation of ‘Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project’ to the organization which created a database on the ward profile by conduct of Participatory Learning Methods involving elected representatives, officials and the people at the ward level and, based on the existing as well as required infrastructures, formulated the disaster management plan.

Jatropha Plantation

Recognising the importance of bio-fuels, COODU has assisted small and marginalised farmers to establish Jatropha plantations in 7,500 acres of land in both watershed and non-watershed areas in Coimbatore district.  For such activity, 7.5 lakh Jatropha seedlings were raised and distributed to farmers.  7 training and orientation programmes have been conducted motivating farmers to take to Jatropha cultivation.  The Jatropha seeds are to be procured and bio-diesel is to be produced through this.  Adequate measures have been taken for the sale of Jatropha seeds at an attractive price that would be beneficial to the farmers.

Trees for socially and economically backward women

With financial aid sponsored by school students of Germany through Con Act.e.V, Germany tree crops and horticulture seedlings were distributed to 100 socially and economically disadvantaged women in Valayapalayam, Pongalur block of Coimbatore district in the year 2001-2002. Also 100 seedlings were planted in community land. Cost of maintenance of trees for 4 years was given to the selected women who are all SHG members as Revolving fund.

Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve

During the course of the awareness generation campaign among the fisher folk on the need for the conservation and development of the Biosphere, COODU has also prepared micro-plans for providing alternative livelihood to the fishermen community living along the Gulf of Mannar and subsisting on its resources, for getting financial assistance from the UNDP.

Being recognized by the Biosphere Reserve Trust as one of the premier organizations in carrying out its objectives COODU hopes to work with the trust under the aegis of the UNDP to facilitate the fishermen in finding alternative livelihoods on a sustainable basis.