Watershed development Training

Training activities under several watershed programmes were conducted by COODU facilitating knowledge sharing and proper implementation of activities under watershed approach.  The different training programmes conducted include:

  • Orientation Training to Watershed Association members under various schemes
  • Key persons Training to WDT members and officials
  • Skill Enhancement Training to Farmers and Watershed Association members
  • Training to farmers on modern practices like usage of Bio-fertilisers, vermi-compost etc.

Agriculture Technology Training to Farmers and Watershed Association members

Training on Natural and Alternate Farming

Training on Natural and Alternate FarmingIn these days of pollution caused by the extensive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, COODU, realizing the danger posed by chemicals, organized a workshop on Natural and Alternative Farming in Ramanathapuram.  The workshop was organized with financial assistance from the DRDA-Ramanathapuram with the participation of Dr. Nammalvar, a natural scientist and practicing farmer and attended by representatives from all watershed areas in Ramanathapuram District.  The objective was to sensitise and motivate the farmers/ representatives attending the workshop and to propagate/ disseminate information/ practices in Natural and Alternative farming.

Training to women SHG members

COODU has been instrumental in providing Skill Training and Capacity Building to women in SHG groups and as a result several women have obtained skills in new ventures.  Some of the trainings include raising of seedlings in nurseries, plantations and other agro-products, vermi-composting, training in electronics and computers, financial management and book keeping.

Training on Naturopathy and Yoga for Women

The national institute of Naturopathy, Pune has approved training on Naturopathy and Yoga for rural women in Coimbatore District and entrusted the task to COODU. For a period of 6 months, the organisation motivated and mobilised eligible women and organised the training in Palladam. The training on Naturopathy and Yoga was imparted by a medical practicener and paramedical personnel to 90 Women who now practice in rural areas.

TN-IAMWARM – PWD – Environmental Cell Division

The Tamilnadu IrrigatedAgriculture Modernisation and Water bodies Restoration and Management (TNIAMWARM) project isIAMWARM 1 one of the flagship programmes of the Government. of Tamilnadu  to disseminate information on best practices in Agriculture and equip various stakeholders, such as Farmers, Labourers, etc with skills related to water management, conservation measures, environment development, etc..


Peopled with Agriculture officers, horticulture officers, environment engineers, Agricultural engineers, Agronomists and other experts from various departments, the IAMWARM project is being implemented in all river basins of the state.

COODU was selected by the Government of Tamilnadu as a facilitating agency. The Organisation motivated Farmers and other stakeholders to adopt good eco-friendly practices and arranged exposure and field visits to the following sub basins.